How to Start a Blog and Make Money
How to Start a Blog and Make Money
Blog (an abbreviated version of “weblog” – a web-based event log, Internet diary, online diary) – is a website containing entries with texts, images or multimedia, posted on a regular basis. A blog typically features a list of ongoing chronicle of short entries, ranked in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts appears first). Personal blog differs in several major ways from... Reed more »
How to Start an Event Planning Business
How to Start an Event Planning Business
There is a tendency for demand growing for high-quality event planning. Event business turns into a more profitable market segment. No surprise, that many new event planning companies are popping up over the horizon. Though, you must know that event business is not a celebration at all, it is a hard and exhausting work in 24/7 mode. ... Reed more »
How to Start a Consulting Business
How to Start a Consulting Business
Consulting embraces rather a broad array of issues. Different companies may consult for various industries, starting with narrow-focused specializations, including one business direction only (auditing, for example), and ending with the widest one, covering the whole range of industry services. Acting the same way with industry, each specialist (or a company), related to this business, chooses... Reed more »
How to Create a Youtube Channel and Earn Money
Youtube traffic overview, conducted by Similarweb service, revealed 22 billion total visits per month and 10-11 times more for page views. Youtube is not an entertainment portal only, it is a platform for serious business or its part! It can do as a main source of income or clients for you, or became a good supplement to the trade name. You can post a video related to either entertainment,... Reed more »
How to Start a Catering Business
How to Start a Catering Business
Catering is a food service activity, related to people feeding on remote sites, including all enterprises that render services for the companies’ employees and private persons on the base of contract agreement on- or off-premise, managing different events through meeting its food requirements, and selling ready-to-eat foods and groceries by retail. In practice catering means either cooking... Reed more »
How to Start a Trucking Company - Business
How to Start a Trucking Business
People live in the world of goods and are used to move their possessions from pillar to post, they organize moves and personal items transportation, etc. This gave birth to a whole market where thousands of trucking companies operate. ... Reed more »
How to Start a Cleaning Business
According to official statistics, the cleaning services sector has generated around $42 billion in 2015, and by 2020 it will have grown up to $46 billion. If you don’t find this bit refreshing, then here’s another ‘more practical route’: Jobber Academy assures us that over the course of 3-5 years, any entrepreneur can triple their cleaning business in terms of overall revenue. So,... Reed more »
How to Start a Clothing Line
Despite of the weather, current trends, leading brands or any other external factor, to start a clothing line of your own always means to achieve a runaway success, within a short period of time. Why, you may think. The deal is simple: clothes represents a universal language that is spoken by the whole world – from kids to elderly (kind and women especially, statistics show), so clothing... Reed more »
How to Start a Restaurant
It all depends on the goals that you are going to achieve. It will cost owner from $850 to $1500 per square meter for building and equipping a restaurant on a turn-key basis, including all commercial premises, production facilities and other rooms. Add to this amount the commercial property price and you will get the cost of average-sized restaurant opening (200 square meters approx.). It will do... Reed more »
How Drywall is Made - Making, Machine, Raw Materials
Drywall Manufacturing
Drywall manufacturers are definitely on the rise. Since drywall seems hard to beat thanks to a wide range of advantages such as low cost, this modern alternative to old good wall plaster has become the most popular material that is used for construction. It is produced primarily of gypsum – a soft mineral containing large amounts of water. This chemical property allows drywall to provide a... Reed more »
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