Bondicevo, a Handheld Device for Welding Plastic

Bondicevo, a Handheld Device for Welding Plastic

We use superglue when we need to repair something small in the house. It joins different-composed materials strongly enough. We talk about the cyanoacrylate glue, which is sold in convenient tubes.

Unfortunately, this glue is not always effective. After all, it cannot be applied in some cases:

  • the greased areas cannot resist heat
  • shear strength leaves much to be desired
  • the unused glue restsquickly dry upin the tube.

And the last point we should keep in mind is that inaccurate glue usage causes fingers joining. And this happens quite regularly.

Given all this, the American trademarkBondicoffers an innovation, which is absolutely free from the above-mentioned disadvantages. We are talking about special glue, which comes in the package with a welding machine for processing plastic. As a result,we have an unusual pocket welding machine for treating plastic, and it is called a «BondicEvoliquid plastic welder».

See the video below showing the welding machine in the process:

BondicEVOdevicearchitecturetakestheshapeofatoygun. It has a thin «needle», supplying the liquid plastic. The plastic does not freeze until it is irradiated with ultraviolet rays. This allows you to choose how much adhesive composition should be applied to the surface. You can also adjust the timing of this operation.

When liquid plastic is applied, the emitter turns on (it is included in the BondicEVOwelding machine package). 4 seconds later, the holding composition hardens. Two surfaces are securely glued by plastic substance. This plastic welding unique feature is that can join different kind of plastic, as well as metal, glass, and other hard surfaces.

This is a unique method of welding plastic and other similar materials. You don’t need to protect the surface to make it perfectly smooth. It can be rough too. Another important feature is that such kind of plastic welding can resist a great temperature dropsstarting from -40 and ending with +150°C. But that’s not all, this method of welding plastic has one undeniable advantage as to join different materials even in the water.

If you need to join the colored material so as the seam could not be seen, just add the powdered dye in the adhesive. In this case, you get a colored glue. Choose the dye according to needed color. In this way, you can even build up the broken items. It is very convenient if you need to restore something in the house.

The adhesive excess can be removed with a sharp knife or emery paper. Nevertheless, this method of welding plastics and other materials sports one drawback you must keep in mind: you should use it accurately on the street. You must prevent the liquid plastic applied to the surface from catching the sun’s rays. In this case, it freezes in 3-4 seconds. BondicEVO welding machine will soon go on sale.

The price for Bondic pocket welding machines for processing plastics starts at $19,99.


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