Instagram Business Profile: How to Register and Set Up
Instagram Business Profile: How to Register and Set Up
If you want to increase the phone calls amount and hot leads from Instagram profile then it would be reasonable to register a business account. By doing this, a user gets the power of 5 (the 6th coming up) functions, allowing to: increase the subscribers’ activity boost the quantity of visits to your website expand the statistic of calls, requests, and sales realize what posts work best grow the subscribers figure. This article lit the light on two questions – how to bring to life an Instagram page for... Читать далее

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  • How Create Business Page on Facebook

    Creating a Facebook Business Page

    Facebook is great for sales of both b2b and b2c products/services. But you definitely need to be regularly online in this social network if you want to attract customers. This can be done with your company’s page. This guide demonstrates the way of creating and customizing a Facebook business...
  • How to Open a Bar

    Opening a Bar

    The cost of opening a bar will be equal to somewhat about $20,000-$100,000. If you still have a strong desire to build your own bar, you may risk getting into business. Besides, opening a bar is much less riskier than setting up a restaurant, because:    fixed assets are smaller (we mean...
  • How to Start a Blog and Make Money

    Starting a Blog

    Blog (an abbreviated version of “weblog” – a web-based event log, Internet diary, online diary) – is a website containing entries with texts, images or multimedia, posted on a regular basis. A blog typically features a list of ongoing chronicle of short entries, ranked in reverse...
  • How to Start an Event Planning Business

    Starting an Event Planning Business

    There is a tendency for demand growing for high-quality event planning. Event business turns into a more profitable market segment. No surprise, that many new event planning companies are popping up over the horizon. Though, you must know that event business is not a celebration at all, it is a...
  • How to Start a Consulting Business

    Starting a Consulting Business

    Consulting embraces rather a broad array of issues. Different companies may consult for various industries, starting with narrow-focused specializations, including one business direction only (auditing, for example), and ending with the widest one, covering the whole range of industry services....


  • Indestructible and Durable Sheer Tights Using Bulletproof Fiber

    Indestructible and Durable Sheer Tights Using Bulletproof Fiber

    Recently a patent was registered for newly-designed tights made of the materials used in manufacturing bulletproof vests. They are durable in grade enough for putting them on up to 50 times. The American textile company Sheerly Genius presented the most durable tights in the world. They are...
  • Biodegradable Edible Straws Made of Algae

    Biodegradable Edible Straws Made of Algae

    The anxiety about the plastic volume growth in the oceans tends to grow, and although we have seen attempts to eliminate this debris and reuse it, we still have only one conclusion: it is necessary to work for minimizing (or replacing) plastic. LOLIWARE, the New York startup, proposes to reduce the...
  • Necronomnomnom

    Necronomnomnom. Terrible Recipes Book as a Successful Publishing Example

    The Lovecraft horrors inspired a team of active Pennsylvanian guys to write a cookbook with creepy recipes and the same illustrations. «Ever wondered if you could combine Lovecraftian horror and fine cuisine, while keeping your sanity?» So begins the description of their Kickstarter...
  • Uno Bolt, Unicycle Scooter with Gyro Force Technology

    Uno Bolt, Unicycle Scooter with Gyro Force Technology

    Over the past decade, the vehicles’possibilitieshave improved markedly. With the development of gyro technology, the developers can build their projects more effectively. Uno Bolt is one of these examples, this is the world's first electric unicycle scooter equipped with Gyro Force...
  • Lilium Jet, an Electric Double-Seat Aircraft for Daily Use

    Lilium Jet, an Electric Double-Seat Aircraft for Daily Use

    In fantastic movies describing the future, the urban transport almost always moves by air, where there are no traffic jams or bad roads. It seems the time when such a scenario will be implemented gradually approaching. The first aircraft for private use available to potential buyers is created in...

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