Indestructible and Durable Sheer Tights Using Bulletproof Fiber
Indestructible and Durable Sheer Tights Using Bulletproof Fiber ⁄ Startup 2018

Recently a patent was registered for newly-designed tights made of the materials used in manufacturing bulletproof vests. They are durable in grade enough for putting them on up to 50 times. The American textile company Sheerly Genius presented the most durable tights in the world. They are extremely durable due to the ballistic fibers used in manufacturing bulletproof vests. During testing people used all subjects causing damage of... Reed more >>

Biodegradable Edible Straws Made of Algae
Biodegradable Edible Straws Made of Algae ⁄ Startup 2018

The anxiety about the plastic volume growth in the oceans tends to grow, and although we have seen attempts to eliminate this debris and reuse it, we still have only one conclusion: it is necessary to work for minimizing (or replacing) plastic. LOLIWARE, the New York startup, proposes to reduce the amounts of garbage made of plastic on their own example using disposable biodegradable straws. The enterprise has already gained the... Reed more >>

Necronomnomnom. Terrible Recipes Book as a Successful Publishing Example ⁄ Startup 2017

The Lovecraft horrors inspired a team of active Pennsylvanian guys to write a cookbook with creepy recipes and the same illustrations. «Ever wondered if you could combine Lovecraftian horror and fine cuisine, while keeping your sanity?» So begins the description of their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page. Under the campaign’s terms, the developers needed $27500 to start the printing process. But people liked the idea... Reed more >>

Uno Bolt, Unicycle Scooter with Gyro Force Technology
Uno Bolt, Unicycle Scooter with Gyro Force Technology ⁄ Startup 2017

Over the past decade, the vehicles’possibilitieshave improved markedly. With the development of gyro technology, the developers can build their projects more effectively. Uno Bolt is one of these examples, this is the world's first electric unicycle scooter equipped with Gyro Force technology. Gyro Force technology used in Uno Bolt is similar to those used in segways and gyroscooters. According to Uno Bolt’s developer, Sean... Reed more >>

Lilium Jet, an Electric Double-Seat Aircraft for Daily Use
Lilium Jet, an Electric Double-Seat Aircraft for Daily Use ⁄ Startup 2017

In fantastic movies describing the future, the urban transport almost always moves by air, where there are no traffic jams or bad roads. It seems the time when such a scenario will be implemented gradually approaching. The first aircraft for private use available to potential buyers is created in Germany by experts of the European Space Agency. The car has received the name Lilium Jet and is a miniature two-seated aircraft, which... Reed more >>

Volterman Smart Wallet
Smart Wallets: What’s Inside and Why We All Need to Buy One ⁄ Startup 2017

A few years ago one enthusiastic Armenian developer lost his wallet, again – modern classics, you’ll say, regarding how much time an average person of the 21st century spends on commuting from one place to another. And that’s how the idea was born: to create a smart wallet that would be able to utilize tracking technology and no owner would lose their stuff anymore. This one of the first high-tech wallets named Volterman was... Reed more >>

Sgnl, a Bracelet-Headset with Bone Conduction Actuator
Sgnl, a Bracelet-Headset with Bone Conduction Actuator ⁄ Startup 2017

Sgnl technology provides an amazing opportunity to transmit signal sup to the end of people fingers using vibration. You need only to connect the strap to your smartphone and you will easily communicate even in conditions of strong ambient noise, just by applying finger to your ear. Mean while, Sgnl performs the regular duties of a traditional watch band. Sgnl Bracelet General Features and the Sales Start It is expected that the... Reed more >>

3D Desktop metal
3D Printer Using Metal Instead of Plastic Ink ⁄ Startup 2017

Desktop Metal Company has developed a special technology for metal-printing via 3D-printer. The first printers will be available for sale this fall already. One printer will be compact, so it could be placed even on the table. In 2015, four MIT professors founded the company Desktop Metal. Famous Emanuel Sachs was among them, that very inventor who developed the first 3D printer in 1989. Last year they introduced the first device for... Reed more >>

Bondicevo, a Handheld Device for Welding Plastic
Bondicevo, a Handheld Device for Welding Plastic ⁄ Startup 2017

We use superglue when we need to repair something small in the house. It joins different-composed materials strongly enough. We talk about the cyanoacrylate glue, which is sold in convenient tubes. Unfortunately, this glue is not always effective. After all, it cannot be applied in some cases: the greased areas cannot resist heat shear strength leaves much to be desired the unused glue restsquickly dry upin the... Reed more >>

VEIU Doorbells
VEIU Doorbells ⁄ Startup 2017

The Equis Company introduced its smart intercom called VEIU on Kickstarter. This device consists of two blocks including a bell with a video camera and an indoor unit with a Videophone, which screen is 5 inches. The unique feature of this device is that it connects to your smartphone and you are able to answer your intercom system using the conventionalInternet connection even far away from your home. Besides, the owner does not pay... Reed more >>