Necronomnomnom. Terrible Recipes Book as a Successful Publishing Example


The Lovecraft horrors inspired a team of active Pennsylvanian guys to write a cookbook with creepy recipes and the same illustrations.

«Ever wondered if you could combine Lovecraftian horror and fine cuisine, while keeping your sanity?»

So begins the description of their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page.

Under the campaign’s terms, the developers needed $27500 to start the printing process. But people liked the idea so much that they have already donated $60552, while the campaign will last until December 10, 2017.

The title of the book Necronomnomnom derived from the title Necronomicon, the book of the dead, which is a part of several Lovecraft short stories. Necronomicon in original contained mysterious poems about death and how to call terrible ancient beings.The book was wrapped by human skin.

The Famous Necronomicon from «The Evil Dead»

The book will be released in hardcover in 100-page volume with recipes in the form of spells and rituals.

It will include such recipes as:


  • Shaken, Not Hastur (martini)
  • At the Fountains of Madness 
  • Gin and Miskatonic 
  •  Azafroth 
  • Herbert West’s Deanimator (expand your conscience strong)
  • Brain Cylinder


  • The Muesli of Eric Zahn


  • Sunken Mu 
  • The Grape Old Wons (why is it looking at me?)
  •  Sacrificial lamb 
  •  Atlach-Nachos 
  • Shog-Pockets


  • New England Damned Chowder (of course)
  •  Investi-gator Gumbo 
  •  Pallid Bisque (Very filling)
  • Dining Trapezohedron (of Lettuce)

Main entree: Sandwiches

  • The Sandwich Horror (Fun on a plate)
  • Byaki Gyro
  • Migo to Go (Portable portabella steak sandwiches)

Main dishes: Beef : Poultry : Pork

  • Cthulhu Andouille
  •  Shogghoulash (A very uncomfortable comfort food)
  •  Curried Favor of the Old Ones

Main dishes: From The Depths

  • Tsauagambalaja (seafood jambalaya) (we can’t pronounce it either)
  • Dagon Good Fish Cakes (Simple, elegant and deep fried) 
  • Deep fried Deep One 
  •  Fishes from Outside

Main dishes: Vegetarian (that is, dishes for vegetarians – not made from them)

  • Elder Thing Parmigiana (looks scary – tastes amazing)
  • Foul-lafel (fantastically fiercesome falafel)

Side dishes

  • Cthus-koos 
  • Unknown Ka-squash
  • The Side Dish Not To Be Named 
  • Tcho-Tcho Chow Chow


  •   Nyarlathotapioca 
  •  Yogsicles 
  •  Moon-Beast Pies 
  •  Bill Slater’s In-bread Pudding (A Southern style Bread Pudding)
  •  The Mounds of Tindalos (Lava cake to die in…. for)
  •  The Custard Out of Space 
  •  The Cake in Yellow 


  • Great Old Buns 
  • The Oats of Dagon (You can take Dagon with you wherever you go)  

Kids Menu  (Not made with real kids)

  • Cultists in a Robe 
  •  Yiggy Pudding 
  • Lovecraft Macaroni & Cheese

The recipes are beautifully illustrated.

Example of a page with recipe

The published version of the cookbook will be available for $30, and the digital version will cost $15.

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