Starting an Instagram Shop

More than one billion people signed up, almost half of them hanging around the app on a daily basis, 80% of a total user base follows minimum one business account, 71% of US entrepreneurs claim to use this social media for business purposes – well, we can go on practically for days trying to highlight Instagram stats (you can explore on your own here, though). There’s one thing clear off... Business idea >>

How to Open a Daycare
Opening a Daycare

Probably you have a knack for looking after children or you’ve just been taking care of some child for as long as you can remember. Whatever your reason here, whether you’re a parent with heaps of experience willing to help out other parents or simply a nanny having a certain vision, you’ve chosen quite an onerous and delicate task to tackle – opening a child care business of your own can... Business idea >>

How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business
Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

According to Coffee Research, average coffee consumption in the states is about 5 kg. per capita or, to put it simply, it’s almost two cups of this strong and smelly drink that an average American would typically drink a day. Even though these numbers seem unremarkable as compared to Finland’s crazy 10 kg. annually or about 1,200 cups per capita, coffee definitely opens a huge window of... Business idea >>

How to open a retail store
Opening a Retail Store

You’ve probably heard countless times that opening an online store of your own is a highly convertible and lucrative enterprise. But how do the things go when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores? Though you may cast doubt on this business model since there’s a myriad of negative information, the reality seems quite positive nonetheless: Forrester estimated that almost 86% of all retail... Business idea >>

Instagram Business Profile: How to Register and Set Up
Instagram Business Profile: How to Register and Set Up

If you want to increase the phone calls amount and hot leads from Instagram profile then it would be reasonable to register a business account. By doing this, a user gets the power of 5 (the 6th coming up) functions, allowing to: increase the subscribers’ activity boost the quantity of visits to your website expand the statistic of calls, requests, and sales realize what posts... Business idea >>

How Create Business Page on Facebook
Creating a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is great for sales of both b2b and b2c products/services. But you definitely need to be regularly online in this social network if you want to attract customers. This can be done with your company’s page. This guide demonstrates the way of creating and customizing a Facebook business page of a company or a personal brand. Also, you are going to know how to win your first subscribers... Business idea >>

How to Open a Bar
Opening a Bar

According to Statista, almost 7 million Americans regularly buy a glass of wine at bars and nightclubs. Yep, wine might not sound like an impressive source of income, but these 7 million people, ready to unwind and mingle, describe how much potential an average bar has. But anyway let’s talk exact numbers: the bar industry generates about $25 billion in revenues annually, which means that if... Business idea >>

How to Start a Blog and Make Money
Starting a Blog

Blog (an abbreviated version of “weblog” – a web-based event log, Internet diary, online diary) – is a website containing entries with texts, images or multimedia, posted on a regular basis. A blog typically features a list of ongoing chronicle of short entries, ranked in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts appears first). Personal blog differs in several major ways from... Business idea >>

How to Start an Event Planning Business
Starting an Event Planning Business

There is a tendency for demand growing for high-quality event planning. Event business turns into a more profitable market segment. No surprise, that many new event planning companies are popping up over the horizon. Though, you must know that event business is not a celebration at all, it is a hard and exhausting work in 24/7 mode. ... Business idea >>

How to Start a Consulting Business
Starting a Consulting Business

Consulting embraces rather a broad array of issues. Different companies may consult for various industries, starting with narrow-focused specializations, including one business direction only (auditing, for example), and ending with the widest one, covering the whole range of industry services. Acting the same way with industry, each specialist (or a company), related to this business, chooses... Business idea >>