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Volterman Smart Wallet

The Armenian developers have created the Volterman smart wallet, which can be easily found in case of loss. When placed on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, the project initially required $45,000 of investment, but people liked the idea so much that in the end, the project gained about $1,124,182 funds to start production.

Volterman Smart Wallet’s Success Secret

Losing a wallet full of bills is not a pleasant situation. However, every second of us faced with it. Someone forgot the wallet inadvertently, and others became the victims of so-called «pickpockets» who stole them. Until recent time, it seemed that nothing could prevent this, but modern tech companies have found a way out. What if we tell you that there are smart wallets that are impossible (or very difficult) to lose? People from the past probably would have flash the Vulcan sigh, but don’t rush making conclusions!

Voltermanis more functional than all phones of the past. What makes it so? Let’s look at:

  • Battery. The wallet has a built-in battery with 2600 mAh capacity. This makes the accessory a little heavy, but practical. Using the built-in battery you can charge your mobile devices via cable or via wireless technology if they support it.
  • Alarm. Volterman has a Bluetooth alarm. If you miss the wallet out of your sight, it will send signals to your smartphone. If you lose your smartphone, it will send signals to your wallet. This is the kind of mutual support.
  • The GPS locator. If you ever lose your accessory, you can track it from any point of the globe. Your values will not be lost!
  • Access point. This wallet may transform into a compact modem. Do you need the Internet? Connect to accessory! The developers state that the fares are 3 times cheaper than those offered to you by your operator when you’re in another country.
  • Camera. If your wallet is away from your smartphone in the so-called «lost mode», it will take a picture of whoever opens it and will send you pictures by e-mail. So you will be able to find the thief or person who found your wallet.

See the video below:

Three versions of the Volterman wallet cost from 178 to 314 dollars will be released.

The manufacturer contacts:


This is a Russian project. It is similar to the previous one but is less technologically equipped. Nevertheless, it is also quite interesting. Wallet feeds from the battery CR2032. If to believe the developer, it must be replaced once only every six months. It features a magnetic closure and a special beacon, which will loudly honk if you lose the accessory from view. GPS locator allows you to find the purse on the map. MiWilli costs 5490 rubles (≈ $90).

Walli Smart Wallet

Walli Smart Wallet is the exact analog of MiWilli, if we talk about functionality. They even work on the same batteries. The accessory’s features are the same: it sends sound signals to your mobile device when you walk away in 30 meters from the wallet. Nevertheless, the developers couldn’t help but implement interesting features either. Walli Smart Wallet sports a patented Secure Pockets tecnhology which controls the presence of documents, cards or notes in special pockets. If their absence will be too long, the wallet will send you a notification.

Customers will pay about $119 for this wallet.

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