Biodegradable Cups Embedded with Seeds of Local Plants

Plantable Coffee Cup

Do you like coffee? It is adored by millions of people across the planet. But not all of them truly love the outdoors. Just imagine for a moment what the number of coffee cups is thrown away every day in the parks, in the woods, in the city. Needless to say about the damage to the ecology?

This question has been raised long ago. You’ve probably heard about the idea of manufacturing disposable cups from biodegradable materials so as not to burden the soil with plastic. A student of landscape design faculty Alex Hoenig moved forward. He suggested creating glasses of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials and make them capable of growing plants. How? Everything is quite simple, we just have to produce disposable tableware from the paper embedded with plants (which will contain seeds).

146,000,000,000 of discarded glasses only in the States!

Sounds impressive, but only in the US lovers of coffee thrown more than 146 billion disposable cups for one year. If each of the glasses was at least one seed that can give life to a new tree, mankind could significantly increase the green cover of the Earth without much effort. This is Alex’ idea.

What does the regular disposable coffee cup consist of? As a rule, it contains a gasket made of polyethylene. What is polyethylene? This is an artificially produced polymer, degradable in the soil not in a year or two, but during whole hundred years! A dubious legacy that our generation was going to leave to posterity, isn’t it?

Seed paper is the most interesting and noble alternative to the many edible and biodegradable coffee cups (an interesting variant of such cups was presented by the designer from Venezuela Luis Enrique not so long ago). It is not that difficult to embed seeds of trees into paper. This is successfully done now in terms of the known technology of impregnation.

How will this kind of dishes look like? A detailed instruction for the landing will be printed on the reverse side of the glass. So every man who drinks a cup of coffee with his friends will be able to contribute to the greening of our planet. The contribution will be substantial and will not require the coffee lover a huge effort or time-consuming.

How to plant the Plantable Coffee Cup?

It’s very simple. Have you drunk the beverage? Soak the glass in ordinary water for a few minutes. Now the soaked paper can be buried in the ground in any vending location. Ready!

Is it a little confusing? Let it be. A curious alternative is invented for those who have no time for this. Just throw a paper cup on the ground. For 180 days it would decompose, thus providing a feed for plants nearby. The price of the cups is only two cents. By the way, the same is the cost of a conventional biodegradable cup (in the US, similar dishes have been available to the buyer for a long time).

Alex used the platform Kickstarter to raise funds. The total amount exceeded the initially planned sum twice. The project has attracted the attention of many media, which greatly helped Alex Hoenig to convince masses in his ideas.

Reduce.Reuse.Grow products was successfully produced in America. Namely, in the state of California, where it is in high demand. The company is steadily gaining momentum in the creation and implementation of its own products. Its goal is delivery of unusual cups around the world and giving the humanity a chance not to think about the ecosystem of our own planet only, but also to help it directly.

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