Opening a Bar

The cost of opening a bar will be equal to somewhat about $20,000-$100,000. If you still have a strong desire to build your own bar, you may risk getting into business. Besides, opening a bar is much less riskier than setting up a restaurant, because:   

  • fixed assets are smaller (we mean cost of renting a premise and equipment);
  • costs of keeping food fresh are minimal;
  • bar service quality is better supervised due to the small team of employees.

But, first of all, you should examine all the nuances of the business.

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Starting a Blog

Blog (an abbreviated version of “weblog” – a web-based event log, Internet diary, online diary) – is a website containing entries with texts, images or multimedia, posted on a regular basis. A blog typically features a list of ongoing chronicle of short entries, ranked in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts appears first). Personal blog differs in several major ways from keeping an old-fashioned diary and doesn’t suppose any locks or keys. Blogs invite the public to read them, leave comments and swirl controversy around posts.

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Starting a Consulting Business

Consulting embraces rather a broad array of issues. Different companies may consult for various industries, starting with narrow-focused specializations, including one business direction only (auditing, for example), and ending with the widest one, covering the whole range of industry services. Acting the same way with industry, each specialist (or a company), related to this business, chooses his own direction of consulting, a particular field of working and adds featured notes to the service.

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Creating a Youtube Channel

Youtube traffic overview, conducted by Similarweb service, revealed 22 billion total visits per month and 10-11 times more for page views.

Youtube is not an entertainment portal only, it is a platform for serious business or its part! It can do as a main source of income or clients for you, or became a good supplement to the trade name. You can post a video related to either entertainment, products that you manufacture, or even make real estate video tours that you company sales.

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Starting a Catering Business

Catering is a food service activity, related to people feeding on remote sites, including all enterprises that render food services for the companies’ employees and private persons on the base of contract agreement on- or off-premise, managing different events through meeting its food requirements, and selling ready-to-eat foods and groceries by retail.

In practice catering means either cooking and its delivery, or event managing, table layout, bottling and serving guests up, and providing the things of this nature.

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Starting a Cleaning Business

This type of business explicit initial outlay requires low investment or is equal to the amount of cleaning equipment. On the other hand, if you want to establish a cleaning service in a proper way, you will need either special equipment, cleaning solutions or an equipped commercial location with a staff of well-trained cleaners. However, this business can be run from home successfully.

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Opening a Restaurant

If you think that starting a restaurant (no matter small or big) is an easy task, and all you need is just to hire a good executive chef, this article will dispel your illusions. Opening a restaurant is the same as if to build up a fleet and make up ground forces within one country, start a war against your awful neighbor than, and win it. Are you ready?

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