Opening a Restaurant

If you think that starting a restaurant (no matter small or big) is an easy task, and all you need is just to hire a good executive chef, this article will dispel your illusions. Opening a restaurant is the same as if to build up a fleet and make up ground forces within one country, start a war against your awful neighbor than, and win it. Are you ready?

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Start an Online Store

This is a step-by-step guide to implementing commercial ideas on the Internet and an answer for a question how to start a business for free. This is a blueprint for everybody. Even if you live in a small town, all you need to do is to get web access and stay online. Starting an online store/boutique from your home, where you could sell dozens of different products, is quite easy. But before you start, you should know several things about the process of a webstore’s creation. Take this article for a partner who will support you and give easy-to-follow framework for doing business on the Internet, evaluating the costs and creating a website.

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